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Am I a Clever Clicker?

We want to create a nation of "clever clickers" – people who understand the internet is a fantastic and convenient way to buy almost anything at a great price.  However, we also want to help educate consumers about dangers online and how to remain protected.

Let's start by explaining how to stay protected when you choose your internet retailer.

Stay Safe Online
When buying a valuable product, please ensure the retailer you choose clearly displays a landline telephone number, contact address (not a PO BOX) and also shows their VAT number.  This is very important as you need to know who you are handing your hard earned money over to.  

Almost anyone can build a website these days. There are programmes you can get online for a few pounds which will enable you to build a fancy looking site, however, the worry is you don’t know what’s actually behind the computer screen.  Imagine spending £1500 on some new furniture and the guy at the other end is sat in his pyjamas and fluffy dog slippers sipping a cup of coffee in his bedroom!

You need to be sure the retailer actually has a presence other than in their bedroom – have they got a warehouse, do they have staff and can they really help you if you have a problem?

We are much different. We have a team of people and you are always welcome to come and visit us.

Don’t be Fooled By the High Street

This is our favourite subject!  How many times do you see “70% off Weekend”, “Massive Sale” “Huge Discounts This Week Only”, etc.  Well, if they are prepared to offer you a discount on set weeks of the year, why can't they offer those prices all year round? Do their sales mean they will rip you off all year but for a few weeks you will save some money – or does it mean they never really sell at the non-reduced price to make it look like they are saving you money? You decide….

By law a retailer has to sell at the top price for a period of time before they discount it. That doesn’t mean that top prices are ever genuine.  How can a retailer advertise a bed “Was £699 – now £199” – the laws of economics mean either they are being stupid as no-one can ever afford to offer such a huge reduction, or they have price established it at £699 for a period of time so they can put the item on sale, thus making you think you have a good deal.  Sound familiar?

Have a look on our site at the price and you will probably find that their sale price is more than the price we sell at every day of the week, every week of the year!

We will ALWAYS offer our best price, even though a crossed out figure is not next to the price you see.