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Cabin Beds and Mid Sleeper Beds

There are a number of different types and styles of cabin beds and mid sleeper beds that you can choose from at Clever Clicker. Whatever your requirements, you will easily find cabin beds and mid sleeper beds in different shapes, sizes and styles to suit your needs and your budget. At Clever Clicker we happen to think that our childrens mid sleeper beds are some of the best quality beds around. Offering not just quality, but the fun and stylish designs of our kids cabin and mid sleeper beds will complement the look of any bedroom – and your kids are sure to love them too!

What are Cabin Beds and Mid Sleeper Beds?

Mid sleeper beds are also known as cabin beds and they raise the sleeping position from a single bed height to a mid position height. They are the perfect beds for style-conscious children and adults who are looking for storage in the kids bedroom combined with a raised sleeping area. Our childrens cabin beds and mid sleeper beds come in a range of different colours and styles, but are all at the best price in the UK. Mid sleeper beds can feature a chest of drawers, shelves or desk underneath, plus you can pick whatever combination you want. You may also like our Frame Only versions, which will allow you to utilise the space underneath the sleeping platform with the furniture that you already have or to create a play space for younger kids.

At what age are Cabin Beds and Mid Sleeper Beds suitable?

We recommend that these beds are best suited for children between the ages of six and thirteen. We advise that these beds are not used by children under the age of six because of safety reasons. Of course, these may be used by children older than the age of thirteen, but it is down to your discretion if you feel your child would be suitable for a particular bed.

Remember, no matter what type of cabin bed or mid sleeper bed you are looking for, Clever Clicker will have something to suit your child and budget. Take advantage of great value prices on kids mid sleeper beds by browsing our complete selection, available to buy online at Clever Clicker.

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